Starter Kit-Bundle #3

$ 52.80

This is the perfect bundle for glazing and protecting a small project like a nightstand, coffee table or end tables.

This kit includes:
  • Paint Couture {8 oz.}
  • Couture Topcoat {8 oz.}
  • Glaze Couture {8 oz.}
  • Glazing Kit: Chip brush, two glazing pads and one foam brush to remove Glaze Couture
  • Foam Brush- One foam brush to apply Couture Topcoat.
  1. Clean your surface with simple green or tsp *if using tsp remember to remove ALL residue completely.
  2. Paint! Wait 4 hours between coats. 
  3. Apply Glaze Couture and remove with glazing pads and or foam brush. Wait 4 or more hours before next steps.
  4. Apply Couture top coat with a foam brush, Fan brush or lambs wool applicator. 
  5. Enjoy your updated, durable happy piece of furniture

*High humidity conditions may require longer dry times between coats.