IOD Decor Moulds: Wings and Feathers {Summer Release}

$ 19.95

Dimensions: 6"x 10"
Food Grade Silicone
Most childhood memories came to me in bits and pieces. This one was more complete. It was
an angel, with real wings. My mother made it, from scratch. She measured me, she sewed, she
measured me, she sewed. Wings with real feathers, made of magic. It was satin. And I'm pretty
sure that I glowed enough to light up the whole stage.

*** Summer Release Pre-order Details: If the item is marked {Summer Release} in the title it will be shipped in June 2018. You can order now to claim your items and I will ship it out as soon as I receive my shipment in June. Feel free to order non preorder items but if you want those items to ship now create a separate order since shipping is calculated by order. Thanks and feel free to contact me with questions.

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